Health Insurance: Understanding What It Covers


First-class medical treatment can be quite costly, especially for foreign nationals. Even in Thailand where costs appear to be much lower than in Europe, a serious illness can have a devastating effect on your bank balance. Worse still, without adequate medical insurance, urgent treatment may be delayed or even refused until the appropriate level of funds have been made available. Therefore it is essential that all your family members have the best medical cover available. For many years AA Insurance Brokers has been advising individuals, families, self-employed and business clients worldwide on the best medical cover, suiting on personal situation and budget.

We have selected the best out of the best and work with insurance companies that provide you and your family with the finest level of coverage and deal with claims in a professional, efficient and prompt manner. A wide variety of Health Insurance covers are available in Thailand, primarily based on the amount payable for in-patient treatment. Optional extras provide out-patient cover, dental, maternity and repatriation to your home country. In addition to Medical Insurance we also recommend a Personal Accident Insurance which is inexpensive and provides additional cover in case of an accident. ​ No matter where you and your family are located, AA Insurance Brokers will guide you to the right choice for your particular needs and budget. Get a free personalized Health Quote.

    AA Insurance Offers:

      • First-class medical treatment Insurance
      • For all your family members the best medical cover available
      • Suiting on your personal situation and budget
      • Also for out-patient cover, dental, maternity and repatriation