Personal Accident Insurance in Thailand. PA cover for your emergencies by AA Insurance Brokers, Thailand's leading Insurance Providers.
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Personal Accident Insurance Thailand.

Personal Accident Insurance Thailand

AA Insurance Brokers can offer Personal Accident insurance plans which provide comprehensive coverage for you and your family, 24 hours a day, not just in Thailand but als anywhere in the world.

AA Insurance Brokers carefully selects those insurance companies which provide the best level of P.A. / Personal Accident cover for you and your loved ones but we also focus on selecting the companies who deal with claims efficiently, professionally and quickly! We are here to help secure those times in your life when an accident occurs and you are relieved vastly just by realising that you and your family members are insured.

Personal Acciden / PA Insurance Cover in Thailand and worldwide.

Personal Accident / PA Insurance in Thailand and Worldwide

AA Insurance Brokers can provide you with various plans and options of PA Cover for you and your family members not just in Thailand but around the world.


Death and Disablement Coverage:

P.A. insurance pays a lump sum benefit in the event of death or dismemberment plus weekly indemnity during the disability period including murder and assault, the sum insured depending on the plan selected.

Medical Expenses Coverage:

P.A. insurance reimburses you for the actual medical expenses, hospital charges or nurse fees incurred within 52 weeks from date of accident - again, the sum insured depending on the plan selected.

Identification Card:

P.A. insurance provides a card for you to get medical treatment following an accident from the insurance companies contracted hospitals nationwide. The insurance companies will settle your medical bills directly with the hospital up to sum insured.

Additional benefits:

Extra Cash Relief in case of a fatal accident within 10 working days after receiving the validated Death Certificate issued by the lawful Authority.

Traditional Medication Expenses.

Remark: It is a condition that the first treatment is done by a legally licensed physician or surgeon.

A lump sum benefit in event of the disappearance of the insured person after 1 year from date of disappearance.

Motorcycling Risk. Note: usually 50% of Sum Insured.

Greater value for your spouse and children.

Enjoy greater savings and better value when you choose plans to cover your spouse and children.


Suicide; bacterial infection or disease; medical or surgical treatments not related to an accident; abortion; service in the armed forces or police; hazardous sports; involving a brawl; while being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics; while committing a felony; dental treatment; back pain; non commercial airline passenger; crew member in any aircraft; war; riot and strikes.