Travel Insurance | Frequently Ask Questions

Travel Insurance is designed to cover you for any unexpected (medical) expenses that may arise while traveling abroad. Please check your current health insurance policy for the coverage abroad. Even if you are covered well abroad, a supplementary Travel Insurance comes in handy if you have an Inpatient policy since the Travel Insurance will also cover for Outpatient treatment. In addition, your Travel Insurance will also provide coverage for repatriation, possible trip cancellation, travel delay, loss/theft/delay of luggage and so on.

Any pre-existing illnesses and/or medical conditions are excluded from coverage.

Usually there are several countries that are excluded from coverage. For example: Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Iran, Syria etc. Please inform us in advance before traveling abroad, so we can advise you acccordingly.

When traveling in and out of Thailand several times a year, it is advisable to take out an Annual Travel Insurance. The moment you re-enter Thailand, your current Travel Insurance policy expires. Therefore you need to take out a new insurance policy before departing Thailand for your next trip.

This will have no consequences if you have an Annual Travel insurance. If you have a separate policy for the duration of 1 trip and you need to fly back to Thailand in between, your Travel Insurance policy might become invalid, even though your policy will i.e. expire 2 Months later. Please always check the General Terms and Conditions.