Health Insurance | Frequently Ask Questions

Choosing a Health Insurance plan can be quite challenging. The best choice of plan depends entirely on your personal circumstances such as age, family composition and overall health. AA Insurance Brokers is more than happy to guide you through the maze of all different Health Insurance plans, their benefits, advantages and disadvantages so that you and your family are free from care.

In Thailand two types of insurance are available: 1. Insurance policies that cover almost everything for 100% and 2. the so-called limited insurances. The limited plans are generally cheaper however have limits set to almost everything. For example: room and board, max. 4,000 Thai Baht/day. These type of insurances carry the risk that clients end up paying a (substantial) part of the hospital bill by themselves.

Inpatient (hospitalisation only) is a term that is used in case you are hospitalized. I.e. admitted to the hospital for a certain amount of time. Outpatient care is the care you receive when you go to a hospital, when you consult a general practioner, receive the prescribed medication and then return back home. Please note that the definition of Inpatient care might differ amongst insurance companies. It therefore does not always mean an overnight stay. Sometimes being assigned to a hospital bed for a certain amount of time will qualify as inpatient care.

A period defined under the insurance policy before a select list of medical conditions and/or ailments start getting covered under your intended Health Insurance policy. Once the defined waiting period is over, the insurance company can no longer deny a claim.

This is the amount you pay for health care before your insurance kicks in. For example: you have a USD 5,000 deductible and your Hospital bill is USD 10,000. You will have to pay the first USD 5000 and your insurer will cover the remaining USD 5,000. If it is an annual Deductible, you will only have to pay the Deductible amount 1 time per Policy Year.

Any health condition that a doctor has previously diagnosed you with prior to your health plan taking effect, can be labelled as a pre-existing condition. Please be aware that if you decide to switch insurers, the new insurance company may exclude any medical conditions you have had treated whilst insured with the previous insurer.

Yes. In general, insurance premiums will increase in age brackets of five years. While the premiums of some Health Insurance plans skyrocket while growing older, others stay quite affordable.

No, whether you go to the Insurance Company directly or obtain your Insurance through us, the premiums are the same. In fact, because of our purchasing power, it is even possible to obtain Health Insurance against lower rates with us. Besides that, if you go to an insurance company directly you will only have 1 choice. We can offer you a wide range of plans from all insurance companies and we have the ability to compare. Another major difference is that we are always working on your behalf and not on behalf of the insurance company. You can fully count on our Claim Support!

This depends on your selected plan. Some Health Insurance plans provide full coverage overseas, others only offer a limited amount of time or limited Financial Coverage whilst abroad. Please be aware that the so-called 'low-cost' plans, which might provide sufficient cover for Thailand, not always provide sufficient coverage for treatment abroad. If you know that you will frequently be travelling outside of Thailand, please inform us in advance so we can select a suitable option for you. We can also assist with Travel Insurances.