NON-OA Insurance

In November 2019, the Thai Government made it mandatory for long term Visa holders on a Non-OA visa to have medical insurance. You can find the insurance requirements here

Source: Thai General Insurance Association .org

Basically, it comes down to the following:

  • The Insurance needs to cover a minimum of 400,000 Baht for Inpatient and 40,000 Baht for Outpatient treatments.

  • When applying at a Thai Embassy abroad, a foreign insurance can be used. The Insurance Company will have to issue a certificate as shown here
  • Source: Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

  • When renewing your NON-OA Visa within Thailand, only Policies of 1 of the approved Thai Insurance Companies are allowed.

We have all the approved plans.

For a comparison of the coverages and premiums:
OA Visa Plans Premiums 22102020
OA Visa Plans Coverages 30092020

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