Travel Insurance (Incl. Schengen)

When you travel abroad, it is nice if you can fall back on good travel insurance in the event of an accident, injury or other sudden event. To cover unexpected costs that arise during travel, it has been proven that having travel insurance helps travelers with financial support and comfort to continue their journey worry-free.

We would like to introduce the MSIG Travel Easy...


MSIG Travel Easy

The MSIG Travel Easy plan can be used for all overseas travel worldwide or within Asia or for applying for a Schengen visa. All MSIG plans are approved for the Schengen countries and available for all nationalities.

Some advantages of the MSIG Easy Travel plan:

  • Applications possible from the age of 1-80.
  • The same premiums apply for all ages.
  • Coverage for medical expenses ranging from 2,000,000-5,000,000 THB.
  • Recognised for the Schengen visa by embassies around the world.
  • No excess and no waiting times.
  • No direct payment to the hospital unless this is coordinated by the insurer or an assistance partner.
  • If you apply online, the insurance certificate will be emailed to you within a minute.
  • Is there cause for a claim? Keep the requested proofs and necessary papers carefully (think of boarding passes, official invoices and stamped passports).**

** For example. In the case of a claim for medical assistance: always ask the attending physician or hospital for a medical statement in English (signed and provided with, for example, a hospital stamp).

Note: pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage.

Application is easy online. (Credit card / PayPal payments only).

The brochure and the general terms and conditions of this plan can be downloaded via the documentation links below:

1. Travel Easy Brochure.pdf

2. Travel Easy-General Conditions.pdf


LUMA Schengen Pass

The LUMA Schengen Pass plan may be used for trips to Europe, Schengen Zone, and the UK. The LUMA policy provides the mandatory insurance certificate required when applying for a Schengen visa.

Some of the highlights at a glance:

  • Applicable from 4 weeks to 75 years of age.
  • All ages the same rates.
  • Available for all nationalities.
  • Coverages for medical expenses ranging from 30.000-100.000 EUR.
  • Recognized for the Schengen visa by embassies around the world.
  • No Deductible and No Waiting Periods.
  • No direct billing unless coordinated by the insurer or designated assistance company.
  • When applying online, your Certificate of Insurance will be issued within minutes via email.
  • Please keep all proof that can be of your support in case a claim has to be made. This includes but is not limited to boarding passes, official receipts and/or other proves of payment. And, in case of hospitalization: medical certificates and/or completed and stamped claim forms (all in English).

Please note pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage.

Applying can easily be done here (credit card payments only, use GG Chrome as the browser)

For the Brochure and General Terms and Conditions:

1. LUMA Schengen Pass Brochure
2. LUMA Schengen Pass-General Conditions